We have 'zhuzhed' things up for 2022

Feb 04, 2022
We have 'zhuzhed' things up for 2022

Here at Enhanced Wellbeing, we have been super busy!!

After two years of bringing our special brand of goodness to you, we have ‘zhuzhed’ things up ready for a sparkling 2022. We have redesigned our labels, updated the look and feel of our website and OMG we even had a photo shoot!! This owning your own business lark sure keeps you on your toes!! Thank you so much to all our artistic angels who have guided us and helped us realise our vision, Hope you love it too.

First up we haven't changed the inside. All our products still contain  the same powerfully natural ingredients but it has always been our dream to have them smell, feel, taste and look beautiful. It is the look that we have been working on so that they are gorgeous enough to sit in your bathroom or on your kitchen bench. This was the final piece in our puzzle and we have now made the labels so pretty they can go anywhere. We love these new labels and hope they speak to you too. But that's not all we've been up to.....

Our delicious Herbal Teas now come in a larger tin holding a whopping 30 serves!! Now, you can also grab a refill pouch, with the perfect amount to fill your tin. No waste to landfill here!!

We know that the perfect cup of tea needs the perfect tea bag. It needs to be 100% natural, no staples, no glue and fully biodegradable. Not an easy list to satisfy!! But after combing the planet, we found them!! These babies are amazing. They are made of fully biodegradable corn starch and nothing else. So simple to use too... just open the bag, put in a teaspoon of your favourite loose-leaf tea and tuck over the top. Not one leaf will escape and in two minutes a perfect cuppa is ready. We love these.

Our Relief Cream has also had an uplift. Now you can get this powerful pain reliever in a 100ml vacuum pump bottle so that it is easier to use. This will definitely help if pain means that screw top jars are difficult to manage. Just press the top and a perfect amount will come out. The 50ml jar will still be available too if that is the one for you.

We are not stopping there!! We have joined with the divine Natural Parent Magazine for the first 6 months of 2022 and have planned a whole new range especially for new mummas... so keep an eye out. So exciting!!

Our Herbal creams have been such a hot item and many of you have asked for larger size. Watch this space there are exciting things happening here too. Therapeutic moisturisers in our sumptuous Relax and Restore ranges. These will be slightly thicker to give that luxurious feel...soft supple skin with none of the nasties.

As you can see we are constantly thinking about new ways to replace the nasties that go in and on your body. This is truly our passion. Nurturing change and gradually guiding you to wellbeing is what rings our bell. It really doesn't matter where you start we just want you to get started...maybe its replacing a coke or coffee with a herbal tea, changing your moisturiser to a natural one or getting the nutrition nightmare back on track. We have the knowledge and products to kick start your journey and keep you going one step at a time.

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What a perfect way to begin.


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