Our Wellbeing Tea ideas have been brewing since forever!

herbal tea Nov 23, 2021
Enhanced Wellbeing Herbal Tea - tea for women
Every since Enhanced Wellbeing was just a concept, the over reaching goal has always been to create a business - and products - that take the WOOWOO out of natural health. Why does natural health always need to be weird? Why do the good powerful products taste and/or smell disgusting?  Why does the advice and recommendations need to rob us of all the things we love?? To create practical and purposeful products, education advice and support has been our driver. 
Way back when we were studying together we were in an airport waiting for our flights and throwing ideas at each other. We got so into it that we hashed out our business plan - we always knew what we hoped to create!
Part of that plan was creating our very own herbal tea blend. It seemed a fair way off and we knew we still had loads to learn but that didn't stop us adding into our longterm plan. They had to be powerful and actually work but they also had to taste amazing and that was as far as we got. 
Roll on COVID times and we have rolled with the punches! Our business had changed direction more times than we care to count over the past 18mths but it really has been for the better. This latest 'wave' pushed us on to our tea dream and to be honest, we are super proud of the results! 
They came together through a lot of trial and error but man did we have FUN! We nailed the 'powerful and actually work' brief pretty early on in the creations then enlisted the help of the amazing Chef and Master Distiller - Cristian Hossack (who just so happens to be Dana's Brother-in-law) to guide us on flavours and round out the pallet!
What we finished with is our divine Herbal Tea Collection. We hope you love it as much as we do! If you haven't tried them yet, here is a run down on each one:
  • Restore is a deep red, tangy elixir.  Made with Hibiscus flowers, Kawakawa, Lavender and Liquorice it calms the mind and relaxes the body, restoring inner balance. It is definitely the heart of our collection. The moment you put it to your lips you will feel the herbal magic - a cup of restoring love.
  • Revive is your cup of rejuvenating minty goodness. The spearmint forms the foundation for this cleansing energising blend and it is reinforced by healing Kawakawa, cleansing nettle and the soothing tones of licorice and lemon verbena. A day time pick me up that will make your day!!
  • Relief has been created with a soothing, calming focus. The warming superpowers of ginger, kawakawa and cardamom support your body’s response to inflammation and digestive discomfort and we have supercharged them by adding the calming, healing herbs chamomile and calendula. Feel the RELIEF today!!
  • Relax has the Chamomile flower at its centre but alongside this humble daisy the support act is phenomenal. We have added the healing energy of Kawakawa, the soothing Lavender flower and the sleep enhancing Passionflower. This golden blend should be your last gift to YOU every night. Each of these powerful herbs reinforces the others to take you effortlessly to sleep.

We would love you to try them and tell us what you think! You can shop the collection here .

We hope our Tea brings you a touch of luxury, dose of wellbeing and a whole lot of joy!


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