What a year it has been. A wee thank you from us to you.

Nov 23, 2021
Enhanced Wellbeing Christmas Wellbeing Kits - Holistic Health

2021 has been another crazy year and, here we are already racing towards another Christmas!! We thought this strange reality might be over by now .... but it looks like there might be a bit to go deal with yet.  Christmas will be the perfect time to take a break from the madness and relax with loved ones. Now, more than ever, it is time to show the people around us that they are loved and understood.

Enhanced Wellbeing didn’t escape the stresses of 2021 either. There have been SO many challenges... We have had to cancel expos, press pause on manufacturing, rethink our focus and really plan how we can still offer wellbeing solutions in this new constantly changing landscape. 2021 had some great achievements too though...we developed our range of delicious herbal teas, launched a new website and continued to manufacture our range of luxurious wellbeing goodies. We are very grateful to be able to do what we do and would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to you, our wonderful customers, for all your fabulous support.  

Connection and caring are what this time is all about so let’s focus on these and give time to our families and friends. Don’t spend these precious days working to unachievable deadlines in your work and personal life. We are all guilty of taking on too much at Christmas time but what if this year was simpler? What if everyone helped in the kitchen? What if this year every gift had a purpose? Sounds amazing!!

We have put together a wonderful range of Wellbeing Collections to make the gifting part this Christmas as easy as possible with the added bonus of providing beautiful gifts that have a real purpose. Let us help you help the ones you love.

Here are our top picks for Christmas 2021:

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Change begins when you understand the why

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Herbal Tea Collection 

So much more than a cup of tea .... a gift of self-love. 

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Wellbeing Collection 

Everything you need to take back the control.

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