What is complementary healthcare?

The core focus of complementary healthcare is working WITH conventional healthcare. At Enhanced Wellbeing we work along-side other practitioners – allopathic and complementary – to achieve the best outcome for our clients.

Using evidence based, science backed treatments to bring harmony and balance to the body. Our focus is prevention through education and treating the root cause of ill health to bring the body back to balance. We use naturopathic philosophies and nutrition to achieve optimal long term wellbeing.

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a safe, effective, patient centred form of medicine practiced widely throughout the world. Naturopathy is a holistic healthcare system which considers every system in the body when looking for the underlying causes of illness.

As such, naturopaths evaluate all aspects of a person: mind and emotions as well as the physical body, as all are believed to be important in preventing illness and returning a person to optimal health and wellness. It is a complementary, not alternative, form of medicine. We work alongside allied and allopathic practitioners, including GPs, to encourage the body’s self healing process through the use of natural therapies, drawing on both traditional healing methods and modern medical science.

How do we use nutrition?

Nutrition is at the core of our naturopathic practice. We use an individualised, evidence-based approach to tailor a realistic nutritional plan. Our goal is to make long term sustainable changes to enhance your wellbeing and support you on your journey to better health.

What we eat is fundamental to our health. Everybody has a different relationship with food and this is always incorporated in our programmes. Caring for your mental wellbeing while optimising your physical health is possible and achievable.

Why Kawakawa?

The leaf says it all. Kawakawa – Macropiper excelsum.

You may have noticed that we have a strong affinity for the amazing Kawakawa plant. To us, this powerful native plant depicts everything involved in a realistic wellbeing journey. Kawakawa is known to have many incredible healing properties and is a powerful herbal medicine.

The heart shaped leaves indicate the affinity the plant has for the cardiovascular system as well as the heart chakra. It has been found that the essence of the Kawakawa plant helps one recover and experience true freedom. It can also help to open the mind and embrace new beginnings, assisting people to move out of their comfort zone. It is believed that the holes in the leaves increase the medicinal properties of the plant, making it perfectly imperfect which, to us, sums up the journey to achieving enhanced wellbeing.

Everyone has ‘holes’ in their journey that make up their health story. We are here to help you embrace this journey, piece it all together and use all of this to enhance your wellbeing.

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