7 Day Lunch Plan

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Our 7 Day Lunch Plan is the perfect way to get control of you mid afternoon cravings. By eating a well balanced lunch your afternoon energy levels will improve making it less likely you will need to reach for high calorie snacks to get you through the afternoon. This plan is packed with everything you need to get moving on your improved nutrition pathway. Lunch is one of the meals you can have complete control over and can make or break your daily nutrition.The lunch ideas contained within this plan are quick to prepare, easy to take on the run and most importantly they are delicious and nutritious!

Our meal plans come with a shopping list, weekly planner and easy to follow step-by-step instructions making getting control of your diet easy and accessible.  Complete with full colour pictures for each recipe you know exactly what it is you are creating.

All of our products and programmes are created and designed by us – Dana and Amanda. We are Registered Naturopaths, Nutritionists and Medical Herbalists so you are assured powerful evidence-based information and therapeutic products that truly work.

1 review for 7 Day Lunch Plan

  1. dana_admin

    These were so easy and delish!
    – Jen

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