Hormone Essentials Kit & Masterclass

$149.00 GST

Hormones get a bad rap but when they are out of balance the results can be catastrophic!!

Are you struggling with weight you cant shift? Thinning hair? PMS? Menstrual agony? Irritability and moodiness?

Are these things stopping you from living your best life? Its time to make the changes to get off this hormone hell!! Let us show you how!

Our Hormone Essentials Kit & Masterclass will get you back on track and stop you being a slave to those hormones. We will teach you how to get your diet and lifestyle in sync with your body so that you love this precious journey we call LIFE!!

Everything here is written or made by us. We are both fully registered naturopaths, nutritionists and medical herbalists. A mouthful I know… but this means we are the real deal. We produce powerful, evidence based information and products that do exactly what they say on the tin!! Join us and regain hormone heaven!!


Each pack contains:

  • Restore therapeutic oil roller – 10ml
  • Restore therapeutic herbal cream – 50g
  • Sleepy Head therapeutic herbal tea – 30g
  • Stainless Steel Tea infuser
  • Restore therapeutic bath soak – 300g
  • Our powerful Hormone Masterclass is 10 pages of tips, tools and hacks to stop the hormone hell!!


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