Sleep Essentials Kit & Masterclass

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Are you desperate for a peaceful, complete night’s sleep?

Are you waking exhausted every morning, hitting that snooze button and grasping at those last precious, semi-conscious moments?

Are you sick of trying potions and formulas that promise the earth but deliver nothing?

We understand completely and have a way out!!

Our Sleep Essentials Kit & Masterclass will get you back on track to the restoring, peaceful sleep you deserve. We will teach you how to get your space and mindset right to embrace sleep again.

You know how to do this!! All you need are the tools, tricks and hacks to get your sleep patterns right and regain that love for life. That’s where we come in!!

Everything here is written or made by us. We are both fully registered naturopaths, nutritionists and medical herbalists. A mouthful I know… but this means we are the real deal. We produce powerful, evidence based information and products that do exactly what they say on the tin!! Join us and drift into blissful slumber again



Each pack contains:

  • Relax therapeutic oil roller – 10ml
  • Relax therapeutic herbal cream – 50g
  • Sleepy Head therapeutic herbal tea – 30g
  • Stainless Steel Tea infuser
  • Relax therapeutic bath soak – 300g
  • Our powerful Sleep Masterclass containing tips, tools and hacks to get that beautiful sleep you need.

1 review for Sleep Essentials Kit & Masterclass

  1. Sally

    I love it! This kit has been my perfect unwinding tool to treat myself at the end of a busy day. All of the products in this kit smell devine and evoke relaxation in my body and mind. 5 stars!!

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