Stress Essentials Kit & Masterclass


Often we only know a wee bit ABOUT stress, but we all know a lot about what it feels like to BE stressed. Heart racing…. quick breaths…..foggy head…..dry mouth….sweating….nausea the list is endless and ghastly!! A little bit of this feeling every now and again helps us get out of danger but its the amount of time we spend like this that damages our health. We don’t run away from too many tigers in our modern day lives … these days the tiger is around all the time and is often living in our homes or workplaces. We can’t outrun it when it lives with us.

Our Stress Essentials Kit is designed to help you recognise what is happening and why. Eliminating stress completely is impossible but finding a way to live peacefully with it is essential. We will teach you all about the stress response and give you the tools, tricks and hacks to slay the tiger – or at least enjoy it’s company. Paired with our unique Rebuilding Resilience Masterclass we teach you how to get your diet and lifestyle in sync with your body so that you love this precious journey we call LIFE!!

Everything in this powerful box is made by us. We are both fully registered naturopaths, nutritionists and medical herbalists. A mouthful I know… but this means we are the real deal. We produce powerful, evidence-based, therapeutic products that do exactly what they say on the tin!! Buy it now and send stress packing!!


Each pack contains:

  • Restore therapeutic oil roller – 10ml
  • Relief therapeutic cream – 50g
  • Sleepy Head therapeutic herbal tea
  • Stainless Steel Tea infuser
  • Relax therapeutic bath salts – 300g
  • Your Stress Essentials booklet contains the tips, tricks and hacks to understand and minimise stress.
  • Our powerful Rebuilding Resilience Masterclass is packed full of tips, tools and hacks to cope with what life throws at you!


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