Wellbeing Essentials Kit & Masterclass

$149.00 GST

Expertly crafted and selected products to provide you or someone you love with the tools needed to manage overall wellbeing. The products contained within this kit cover all the senses and provide valuable information to help you or your loved one regain control.

This kit is perfect for anyone wishing to gain insight and control over their overall wellbeing. As the products and information within this kit are generic, it makes a wonderful gift – for yourself or someone you love. Paired with our unique Rebuilding Resilience Masterclass we teach you how to get your diet and lifestyle in sync with your body so that you love this precious journey we call LIFE!!

Our Wellbeing Essentials Kit is designed to help you recognise what is happening and why. Eliminating life’s ups and downs completely is impossible but finding a way to withstand it is essential. We will teach you all about overall wellbeing and give you the tools, tricks and hacks to remain in control.

Everything in this powerful box is made by us. We are both fully registered naturopaths, nutritionists and medical herbalists. A mouthful I know… but this means we are the real deal. We produce powerful, evidence-based, therapeutic products that do exactly what they say on the tin!! Buy it now and find wellbeing again!


Each pack contains:

  • Relax therapeutic oil roller – 10ml
  • Restore therapeutic herbal cream – 50g
  • Sleepy Head therapeutic herbal tea – 30g
  • Stainless Steel Tea infuser
  • Relief therapeutic bath soak – 300g
  • Your Pathway to Wellbeing booklet containing tips, tools, recommendations and education
  • Our powerful Rebuilding Resilience Masterclass is packed full of tips, tools and hacks to cope with what life throws at you!


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