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How did Enhanced Wellbeing come to be?  

We met while studying and quickly connected on so many levels. During the five years, our friendship grew and we realised that our shared passions and goals had to be brought to life.

Enhanced Wellbeing was born from our deeply held belief that natural health and vitality can and should be a mainstream, achievable, affordable option for everyone. At the beginning that seemed like a huge goal but as we saw more and more clients, we realised that giving people the tools to change the things they can, at a pace they can manage, reduces the stress in their lives and brings huge success.

From there we had to work out how to bring this to more point in seeing just a few when we can help so many more. Supplements, complicated diet plans and massive exercise regimes are doomed to failure when health hasn’t even been on the radar. It’s too much! We needed to create simple, natural solutions that can be used together or separately to nurture sustainable change.

We totally get that the wellness path is a unique experience for everyone. At times being energetic and well can feel almost impossible. We have both dug so deep in our own health journeys (we will be sharing those stories with you soon) so we know from experience that consistent, small steps, in the right direction, bring amazing health changes that you simply can’t ignore.

We have wrapped up all the knowledge we gained from our qualifications, along with the experiences gained from our own challenges, to design a range of luxuriously powerful, 100% natural solutions. Our products, eBooks, meal plans and herbal teas are all designed to support, encourage and nurture these little habit changes with gorgeous things that pamper with purpose. No matter where you are on your journey, start simply and replace one thing that isn’t serving you. It doesn’t even have to be the biggest thing, just start and then keep going. Bit by bit you will embrace the next change and begin to understand what your body is whispering to you.

Moving forward at your pace is the secret.

We look forward to being part of your journey!


Dana and Amanda