We are on a crusade to demystify and simplify women’s health.
We want to give all women the tools to understand, nurture and nourish their bodies without all the fluff, intense diet programmes, and unrealistic recommendations.
Your journey is unique and personal and our products, E-books and programmes
are created and designed to empower you to make the changes you need
in a practical, luxurious and powerful way.
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We have wrapped up all the knowledge we gained from our qualifications, along with the experiences gained from our own challenges, to design a range of luxuriously powerful, 100% natural solutions. Our products, eBooks, meal plans and herbal teas are all designed to support, encourage and nurture these little habit changes with gorgeous things that pamper with purpose.  

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Apr 07, 2022

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Apr 01, 2022

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Mar 25, 2022


I have had osteoarthritis for many years and have had three hip replacements as a result. I am unable to have further surgery even though my knees are twice their normal size causing considerable pain. I am forced to use a wheelchair to travel any distance. Enhanced Wellbeing RELIEF has made an enormous difference to my pain levels. I apply the cream morning and night and it has really given me considerable relief. I can recommend it to anyone suffering joint pain.

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I love it!

This kit has been my unwinding tool to treat myself at the end of a busy day. All of the products in this kit smell divine and evoke relaxation in my body and mind.

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I love these teas, I had been wanting to purchase some good, therapeutic tea for a while but didn’t know where to begin looking. I got the 4x pack and am loving it as each tin clearly describes what the tea will do for you whether you want a calming, soothing cup at the end of a hard day or a grounding, balancing one if your head is about to explode with all the things you’re juggling. I’m obsessed! It’s lovely to be having a cuppa but it’s something that you really feel like your body is craving. It’s a bit like giving it an inward cuddle. Will definitely keep buying the pack :-).

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