We are on a crusade to demystify and simplify women’s health. We want to give all women the tools to understand, nurture and nourish their bodies, enjoying a life full of optimal vitality. It is never too late to start listening to your body and prioritising YOU!!

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Women are nature’s nurturers – a rewarding and essential role - but one that can leave us washed out, depleted and chronically unwell if we don’t put ourselves  at the top or at least near the top of our loved ones list. Unfortunately, we don’t even think about our own needs until we are knocked down. It doesn’t have to be this way!



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'These ladies are the real thing! They know their stuff, they share it in a way that does not overwhelm or confuse and they really do care about you and your needs. I know I've made progress on my specific needs and they're open to helping with whatever comes up next for me personally. I also love their products which also make great gifts for family and friends.'


' Thank you, Dana and Amanda. I have been under the pump and stressed to the max. After using the very beautiful Stress Essentials kit, I could feel the difference in a few hours! Their hand-crafted remedies are incredible and although they look, smell, and feel like a treat item. they are definitely essential! I have also had amazing benefit from their pain relief cream which is also full of beautiful, natural ingredients.One very satisfied client.'


'I have been using the Enhanced Wellbeing relief cream for a month now. I love how nourished my skin feels, and the warmness my tired muscles and joints feel afterwards, highly recommend!'




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