Crafted by Naturopaths for Practitioners to enhance compliance and improve outcomes for your clients and patients.

As naturopaths, nutritionists, and herbalists, we have combined our expertise and passion to create a range of exquisite herbal tea blends that are both therapeutically powerful and delicious. Yes, you can have the best of both worlds!

In our own practice, we have witnessed the incredible benefits of herbal tea for our clients' well-being. However, we noticed that the blends we prescribed were often too unpalatable for them to continue using. We believe that the healing power of tea goes beyond the herbal blend itself—it's about the ritual, hydration, mindfulness, and habit change. None of these elements can take effect if the blends don't taste amazing.

This realisation led us to develop our trademarked 'Tea Timetable.' Consistency is crucial for overall well-being, and our simple and effective guide has been a game changer for our clients. They love the simplicity and predictability of the timetable, which serves as a foundation for their ongoing well-being while enjoying our powerful blends.

At Enhanced Wellbeing, we take pride in curating our teas with meticulous attention to detail. Each sip delivers a harmonious blend of flavors and wellness benefits, embracing the power of nature to enhance your clients' journey.

Unlock the full potential of herbal teas as a powerful therapeutic tool with us. As a practitioner, you understand the importance of personalized, natural solutions for your clients' well-being. Now, you can harness the ancient wisdom of herbal medicine through our premium collection of wholesale herbal teas.

Why Choose Enhanced Wellbeing Herbal Teas?

Quality Assurance: We are dedicated to sourcing the finest, sustainably harvested herbs from trusted growers worldwide. Our herbal teas are carefully crafted to ensure exceptional quality, potency, and therapeutic benefits, offering your clients an enjoyable experience.

Expert Formulation: Our team of experienced herbalists and practitioners have meticulously developed our herbal tea range in a unique and powerful 'Tea Timetable' format. Each blend is thoughtfully formulated to address specific health concerns and provide comprehensive support for your clients.

Professional Partnership: We understand the value of collaboration between practitioners and suppliers. Enhanced Wellbeing is here to support your practice by offering wholesale pricing, flexible ordering options, and exceptional customer service. Together, we can enhance the well-being of your clients and build lasting relationships.

Trust and Transparency: We believe in transparency and maintain the highest standards of quality control. Every batch of our tea is hand-blended by us, ensuring the same level of quality we expect in our own clinic. We even taste test each batch!

Unlock the healing potential of herbal teas for your practice. Sign up for a practitioner account today and gain exclusive access to our wholesale catalog. Join our community of healthcare professionals dedicated to promoting holistic wellness through the power of herbal medicine.