Self Fill Tea Bags - 15 bags

$7.99 NZD

We have searched high and low to find the very best, easiest to use, biodegradable tea on the planet and here they are!! No bleach; no staples; no glues!! These babies are sure to become your favourite tea accessory.

This 15 piece pack of empty, self-fill tea bags, 7.5x8cm each, are manufactured from unbleached, plastic free, non-genetically modified and totally biodegradable corn fibre. These all-natural tea bags do not contain any hazardous dioxins from the bleach used in normal white tea bags. Truly 100% natural and all with the additional benefit of helping to save our planet one tea bag at a time!


Fill the tea bag with about one heaped teaspoon of your favourite tea, fold over the flap to close, and infuse the tea bag in boiling water. After preparing your divine cup of tea to your own strength, dispose of the tea bag conveniently in any bin (be careful as it may be hot). 

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