Sleeping Soundly eBook

$49.00 NZD

Our Sleeping Soundly eBook will get you back on track to getting the restoratve, peaceful sleep you deserve. 

Desperate for a complete night’s sleep?

Waking exhausted every morning, hitting that snooze button and grasping at those last precious, semi-conscious moments?

Sick of trying potions and formulas that promise the earth but deliver nothing?

We understand completely and have a way out!! We will teach you how to get your space and mindset right to embrace sleep again. No matter whether it is getting to sleep or staying asleep... we can help. The Sleep Soundly eBook, filled with over 60 pages of practical tips, tools, meal ideas and advice, is exactly what you need.

Our eBooks have been researched and written by us - Dana and Amanda. We are both Registered Naturopaths, Nutritionists and Medical Herbalists and have brought this wealth of knowledge to everything we do. We promise you 100% natural, evidence based, therapeutic knowledge and information to harness all the healing power of nature and bring nurturing change to your life. 

This eBook comes FREE with our Sleep Soundly Collection or you can purchase the eBook separately.  

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