We understand your pain!

Physical pain and discomfort are part of so many people’s lives and living with it every single day makes even the simplest things almost impossible. We totally get it.

Pain and discomfort can lead to a reliance on medication which in turn creates a whole raft of side effects that can require more medication, and the cycle continues. Unfortunately, this outcome is extremely common. Our goal is to address discomfort with natural solutions to avoid this medication escalation and deterioration of wellbeing. The Relief range was created to offer a genuinely natural support for the nervous system during these times.

Enhanced Wellbeing’s Relief Herbal Cream was born out of a real-life journey. Dana was severely ill in the January of 2018 and required life saving surgery to remove a serious bacterial infection located in her hip and pelvis. This operation was very successful and Dana made a stellar recovery but, as with all surgery, she was left with a hefty scar which at times can cause pain and discomfort. Dana had been been relying on regular massage to keep the pain manageable. During our first lock down in March 2020, when massage wasn't an option and needing a solution for her discomfort, we created a 100% natural cream using powerful analgesic herbs, to give her relief. It was so successful that we bottled it and now we have this wonder cream available for everyone – all the power... none of the poison.

Our Relief Herbal Cream is 100% natural and full of herbs scientifically proven to ease pain. This baby can go head-to-head with any topical pain reliever on the market. Our customers love it!! Everyone who has used this magic cream swears by its power. We have many osteoarthritis sufferers who use Relief Cream every day and swear by the results. Muscle aches, exercise strains, back pain, neuralgia, rheumatic pain and scars will all be eased with Relief. It does exactly what it says on the jar. Even rubbing a small amount on each temple will send a headache packing.

Cayenne (capsicum annuum) has been used as a topical pain reliever for centuries. In fact, back as far as 7000BC. It can be applied to the skin, where it desensitises the nerve endings and can give relief for several hours before the neurotransmitter levels increase again (Fisher, C. 2009).

Devils Claw is found native to eastern and southern Africa around the deserts of Namibia, South Africa and Botswana. It got to Europe in the early 20th century, where it was used for joint pain particularly: low back pain where it was as successful as rofexcoxib in relieving pain (Chrubasik et al. 1999); arthritis of the knee and hip (Brien, Lewis, McGregor 2006); muscle stiffness in the upper back, neck and shoulders; tendonitis and rheumatism.

Magnesium is essential to around 300 enzyme processes in the body and is vital in the role of muscular regulation and control. Studies done recently have shown that transdermal magnesium is absorbed quickly into the tissues particularly when combined with menthol or wintergreen (in our special blend too!) and is very useful for fibromyalgia and migraine symptoms (Engen et al. 2015). Muscle cramps and twitching muscles can also be helped with magnesium.

So as you can see, this baby is packed with ALL the good things. We have only scratched the surface on why this powerhouse is so effective! We will save that for next time but take it from us, this really does work. Pair it with the rest of the Relief range for even better results. The range contains our powerful Relief CreamRelief Aromatherapy RollerRelief Bath Soak and Relief Herbal Tea. All available separately or you can grab the complete set. 

Let us help you experience the Relief this amazing product has given Dana and so may of our customers. 


Amanda and Dana 





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